Monday, 30 April 2012

Satay Wawi@ Jalan Peel, KL

If you ask me which is my the best satay in KL, i would certainly say Satay Wawi in Peel Road!
For me, its even better than those in Kajang.

It is a stall inside Queen's Restaurant which only opens during late evening till night.

Queen's Restaurant which is just opposite the Shell petrol station or Queen's Park.

That's the stall. I'm not sure which one is Wawi already among the two with apron in this pic.

The satay they made is tender and juicy.
It taste good even without the satay sauce. 

I was quite surprise on the flame they use to do the satay since normally with such big fire during BBQ will lead to burnt but this didn't. 

Look at the those satays in the flame!

This is how their satay looks like.

Their satay ayam/daging(chicken/meat satay) and ketupat is priced at RM0.70 per stick
while satay kambing (lamb satay) is priced at RM1.00 per stick.

For early reservation, you may call 012-6089258.