Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dragonfly Pastry Pasta Special @ Time Square, KL

That day was lepak-ing with my friends in Time Square, KL until lunch time, we were thinking hard what to EAT?

We walked round and round until a special deal attracts us in Dragonfly Pastry.
A pastry just opposites KFC at LG floor of Time Square. 

So what's the deal?

Here it is! The pasta special deal by Dragonfly Pastry.

Mineral water + pasta + mini cake + ice cream...FOR RM9.90!
and you can mix and match the filling and sauce of the pasta based on your own favourite :D

I'll skip the mineral water part, since its just a normal bottle nimeral water.
So, this is how the pasta looks like....

Italian Tomato pasta with chicken ham 

Aglio Olio pasta with spicy tuna

Carbonara sauce pasta with tuna and crab stick 

Carbonara & italian tomato sauce pasta with chicken mince 

Le pasta is simple but taste good. My friends and i were satisfied with our own choice.
Hope to taste all of the mix and match there but surely it'll takes time..LOL

for the dessert part, there's BOTH cake and ice cream!
(which is different from most of the sets out there where normally choose one among them)

The ice cream is good but for the cake of the day (as above) that i'm having that day is not really my type.
Just wondering what other types of cakes do they serve on other days? haha

Overall, for 10 bucks i think is more worth to have this than visiting other fast food :)

P/S: Dragonfly pastry did not state any duration for this pasta special promotion, so please don't blame me if one fine day its not available any more ><

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