Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 @ Sunway Surf Beach

The long-waited musical event - Tiger Asian Music Festival (AMF) has finally rocked Surf Beach of Sunway Lagoon last Saturday, 14 April 2012!!! Paul Wong and Ka Keung, LMF, Jam Hsiao, A-Lin, A-Yue, MC Hotdog and ManHand kept the sell-out crowd entertained with 5 hours of the best urban music that Asia has to offer.

“True to Tiger’s winning moments, Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 saw the gathering of truthful, progressive and inspirational urban artists and party-goers. Tiger is synonymous with delivering exceptional consumer experiential activities and we are proud to have pushed the bar higher by having brought to life the most progressive sounds of Asia with our Street celebration on the Beach,” said Sean Koh, Marketing Manager of Tiger. 

The surf beach was packed with more than 40,000 party goers, many of whom had managed to secure exclusive invites from Tiger’s website, Facebook page, as well as nationwide promotion at Tiger outlets. Instead of using the Exclusive Pass via Tiger's website, I'm glad to receive a VIP invite few days before AMF 2012. Thanks to Tiger and the person who send me the invite (you know who you are :D).

Before the party started, there was a flame show as a welcome act.

In less than half an hour after gates open, the dry surf beach has flooded by party goers! 

What's more while waiting for a party to start? Lets RAWR for TIGER!!

As the sun started to set on surf beach, the crowd were brought to life with the opening act from Ka Keung who was swiftly joined by the legendary Paul Wong.

A-Lin followed with their set and Malaysia’s homegrown group, ManHanD was especially well received.  With Jam Hsiao, A-Lin, A-Yue and MC Hotdog in the mix, Tiger AMF was in full flow when LMF hit the stage as the penultimate act.

Well, since i was too far away from the stage with only a digital camera on hand, the following pic is the best shot I can get from where I am. LOL. So there's not much pictures to share this time. But don't be disappointed as there are many nice shots being shared by Tiger's page:-

An awesome fireworks as the perfect ending for Tiger AMF 2012.

Looking forward for the Tiger AMF 2013!

Here's a performance video of Ka-Keung & Paul Wong that night. Enjoy :)


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