Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nak Won @ Ampang

I seldom have Korean food in my life, so i don't really have any benchmark for such cuisine.
However, this post is just merely to show what i've tried in Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant and how it looks like.

 It's in the korean village of ampang or the area opposite Ampang Point.

Besides normal table seats, they have this special floor seating area. 

I came here with my family. As my mum not really like BBQ stuff, so at last we just ordered some other dishes from the menu.

 Mixed Rice with assorted vegetables served in Hot stone bowl (RM15)
-pour in that sauce and mix everything thing in the stone bowl-

 This is a quite famous korean cuisine, but its the first time i tried it.
Taste OK.

 Fried Rice Cake with chilli paste (RM 18)

Roasted Pork with Korean sauce (RM26/pax)
-picture shown is for a pax. taste ok also but the meat a bit tight. can be tiring if you are eating the whole plate 

 Not to forget those side dishes which is inclusive in the meal.
Quite like many of it actually, even though i dont know what's their name really is XD 

 When you are done with your meal, they will serve you fruits and barley water.

Nothing much i can say, as overall the food here taste OK for me, i think it just depends on whether you like the sauce they used in their food or not.

One day i'll be back to try out their BBQ meal. Maybe those BBQ dish would taste better since its a Korean BBQ restaurant overall ><


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