Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Restaurant @ Pandan Indah

Was searching for place for dinner that night with my family, until we pass by this random restaurant which seems to be full house. So we decided to give it a try.

My Restaurant, don't misunderstood, that's the name of the restaurant....not mine...LOL

Not knowing what is nice, so we just randomly ordered the dish.

....the tofu with vegetables is average.....

Simmered pork is nice!

...vege...nth much special.....taste ok....

this chicken is smooth and tender...taste good!

the fish is well done! steamed to the right time and no stinky fish smell at all!

Overall i can say the food here is delicious but i'll rate the cleanliness slightly below average as i can feel the plates that we were using are a bit oily >< maybe due to the high numbers of customers that they did the cleaning in a rush.

My Restaurant
17&19 Pandan Indah 1/23E
55100 Ampang, KL


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