Saturday, 1 October 2011

Arthur's Day 2011 - Blown UP with TAIO CRUZ's Dynamite!

Arthur's Day 2011 has reach a HIGHER state with more than 15,000 fans in attendance at the concert held in Speed City Kuala Lumpur on 23rd September 2011.

the EPIC live music concert is EXPLODED with great performance by international music supremo - Taio Cruz and also regional and local acts such as Soler, Mizz Nina, Dragon Red, Prema Yin, Kartel group feat. Joe Flizzow, Take-T from Japan and Dandee from Thailand.

15,000 Malaysians joined millions around the world for an EPIC night of celebration through music

the large LIFE GLOBE represents all 40 countries worldwide who will be joining the celebrations

A key initiative for the Arthur's Day 2011 was to promote local emerging talent by providing them a platform to showcase their music locally an globally.

Dragon Red and Prema Yin were selected based on consumers votes to kicked off the celebrations.

Dragon Red performing with their musical styles of rock, hip hop, punk and contemporary fusion rock elements

Soler - a Hong Kong-based rock duo originally from Macau formed by twin brothers Julio Acconci and Dino Acconci

Mizz Nina with the latest hit songs of "What You Waiting For" with Colby O'Donis and "Take Over" with Flo Rida.

The Kartel Made Men featuring Joe Flizzow and SonaOne

Dandee from Thailand

Take-T from Japan

Guess who made the fans getting HIGHER with all their electronic device???

YES!! he is TAIO CRUZ!!!

Taio Cruz with his smooth vocals blown up the stage with songs like "Dynamite", "Break Your Heart" and "Higher"

Taio's performance took the crowd to HIGHER grounds with his Dynamite performance.

Towards the end of the celebration, here's a countdown for a toast TO ARTHUR!!!





Arthur's Day is celebrated around the world to honour the date Arthur Guinness signed a 9000 year lease on the St james Gate Brewery in 1759 and whose legacy has brought us the globally celebrated 
iconic black brew, GUINNESS (R).

The global toast 'To Arthur' which started in Ireland at 17:59 on 22 Sept and ended in Kuala Lumpur at Speed City Selangor Turf Club on 23 Sept 2011.

At the end of the night, as part of GAB's Drink sensibly initiative, partygoers were treated to free water and wind down at the chill out zone with food and drinks. They also had a chance to learn about the drinking sensibly through interactive games and activities.

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