Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tiger Street Football Grand Finals @ 1U Open Air Car Park

The first Tiger Street Football Tournament in Asia by Tiger Beer started the campaign in Asia this April and had came to the end with the Grand Finals on 18th Sept 2011 at One Utama, Malaysia.

Qualifying teams to the grand finals are from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Two professional street football teams from Brazil and Holland were also invited to battle.

Tiger Street Football - a battle in a metal cage

a smile to his supporters :)


YELLOW card!!


Flying kick

its not all about competition but friendship

the supporters

ADC Florianopolis preparing for their match.

Dance performance by the Tigers

Brazil vs Holland

Holland-Brazil....Brazil-Holland? XD

the Tiger bartender

the Street Legends (Holland) before their match

the professional Tiger referee 

Opsss...i'm on the ball

penalty kick

Brazil - ADC Florianopolis with their team hug

Holland - The Street Legends having their group hug

not gonna let u thru


Brazil with their high spirit defender


"Give up....i'm not gonna let u thru! EVER!!NEVER!!"

end of 1st half

2nd Half

a KICK from a leg as strong as a TIGER

found the joke?

Battle with NO FEAR


Winning Hug of Brazil

~~~~~the celebration~~~~

Add caption

2nd Runner Up: FC Dong Dong from Vietnam

The complicated feeling as the 1st runner up....

1st Runner up: The Street Legends from Holland

Champion: ADC Florianapolis from Brazil

Group photo of the winners

the CELEBRATION with Tiger Beer

Trophy Beer


the Fans...

Performance by The Exoyic Band - Bangkok's famed percussion ensemble

the Pro fresh ladies....thanks for the Pro Fresh candy :)

Pro fresh rover team


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