Thursday, 22 September 2011

What i did in Port Dickson

Skipping those beach part, these was what i've done in PD :)

Sunshine Bay....da apartment my frens and i rent

A more economical quality also will be economical....dont put high expectation here.

We rent a two bedroom apartment and this is the master bedroom

The small kitchen

oh ya...forgot to shot the living room(which hav a TV with no satellite  ==)

Its time to look for we go.....

Kedai Kopi Paklang

The food they served here

Drinks served here

My curry bee hoon....taste ok

they named it 932.....i wonder why....but its a limau kasturi drink

Back to Sunshine bay, we had some pool activity. And at night, we had BBQ in front of Sunshine bay facing da SEA!!!

We rent a BBQ pit from a chinese lady there who manage it which cost us RM35 (charcoal not included). 

Only the net is provided by the owner.

roti bought from kedai kopi

siew gai zong yi shek


some pit was dark....luckily my fren brought his personal lamp XD

The next day, after some beach we went for lunch.....i think shld be BRUNCH ><
Sea view seafood village

FRESH seafood!

Chicken (RM15)

Bean curd (RM15)

Stir fried kai lan (RM15)

Prawn (RM38)

Red Snapper (RM58) @@ overbudget liao T.T

Although da fish is kinda expensive, but overall the food is nice


After lunch, we pay a visit to Muzium Tentera Darat which can be pass by on the way back to north south highway. please dont visit on monday and tues
 Here's some stuff you will see in the museum....

in memory of our patriot

There's a tunnel that tells the story of communist in our country

Some stuff for propaganda

There's too many historical items in the museum!!! Its gonna take whole day if you are going to visit the whole place in detail. So just drop by if got nth much to do in PD (since its FREE entrance) ^^


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