Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ben's @ Publika

I believe Ben's is already a famous dining spot nowdays and it has quite a few branch opened.

However this is only my first try in Ben's after so long they've been in the town. 
And here i am in Ben's @ Publika

With the nice deco....

And they have their own magazine

As usual, western style menu....with only wordssssss D:
That's the main reason i'm still doing this post to share some of the pics, how the dish actually looks like.

There's dozens of recipe on the table and also table topics for you to chat on in case you are bored waiting for food to serve.

Tables are available at indoors and outdoors.
Indoors are usually fully seated but i bet with the hot weather in Malaysia, it's worth waiting to dine indoor.

Tortilla Mexicana (RM24)
-kinda spicy, make sure you get your drinks ready or you can have a bite on the chips to

Wild Mushroom Salad (RM24)
-this one is quite salty ><

Belgian Fries (RM10)
-nice...but make sure to eat it while it still hot

Teriyaki Salmon (RM40)

Macaroni Cheese (RM24)
-superb and with sausage inside

Lamb Rack (RM60)
-quite like their sauce

Latte (RM7.9)

Macchiato (RM6.9)

Red Velvet (RM13)

Macadamia Cheesecake (RM15)
-thumbs up for this


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