Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Brunch @ Pan Heong Restaurant, Batu Caves

My colleague and I used to come here for lunch once in a while when we still worked in Batu Caves around 2-3 years back. It was packed as usual with a few standing and waiting to be seated.

Until recently, after a shooting session with my friends at Ulu Yam, we decided to drop by Pan Heong for lunch. Well, this was the first time for me to lunch here in Sunday noon and i was shocked with the numbers of people SURROUNDING the shop waiting for table. @@

Pan Heong Restaurant
No.2 Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2

Totally NO JOKE!
Was hesitated to change lunch venue but at last we did wait and finally we got our table around 20mins wait. ><

Fish porridge is one of the signature of Pan Heong. There's a list of fish porridge available here.

Be sure to bring at least one partner as some porridge has no order for 1 person. Unless you can finish the 2 person bowl by yourselves....LOL.

生鱼皮蛋粥 / Snakebead fish with century egg porridge (RM13.50 - 2person)
- superb smooth fish with no sign of overcook :D
low in budget...so we just ordered the most economic one...haha

Coz our budget goes to.......

生虾河粉 / Fresh prawn hor fun (RM56 for above shown)
- the hor fun is kinda little in portion but then the focus is still on the fresh prawn and its gravy

- checkout the prawn! big and fresh :P

南乳炸肉 / Nam Yu Fried Pork (RM14)
- taste good as it is, you may leave that sauce alone XD

Mee Mamak (RM12.50)
- confirm this one is not from the mamak opposite....coz the taste is different...haha....unable to describe it ....some may find it normal...so try it yourself 

Besides all the signature above, there're still many chinese dish you can order for.
What makes their business keep running high? I bet is their quality they maintain all the while as this is the only outlet available.

Be sure to checkout there operating hours is until 3:30pm...no dinner time.


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