Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Zun Express @ The Garden, Midvalley City

The Zun Express is a restaurant owned by Eu Yan Sang and it's located at the lower ground level of the Garden (the tunnel linking Garden Mall and Midvalley Mall).

The last time i had my meal here was way before they renovated this place and was less crowded.

A Chinese pharmacy themed restaurant, yup, no doubt Eu Yan Sang is in this business for decades. 

Well, this is how the environment of the dining place looks like. The lighting is definitely too comfortable making me kinda sleepy LOL

OK, enough crapping...lets check out the food :D 

Lotus Leaf Rice (RM13.80)
- steamed rice with mushrooms and chicken cutlet wrapped in lotus leaf. The light smell of lotus leaf on the steamed rice, totally worth trying

Charcoal Bean curd (RM12) with rice (RM1.50)
-erm...tofu lo....

Oriental Pork Chop Rice (RM16.80)
- quite like the pork chop as the cut is quite tender. Weird to see rice and fries together right? Try dip the fries to the pork chop sauce, bet you'll like it :P

Sang Har Mee - prawn noodles (RM26.80)
-kinda pricey, but worth trying as the prawn is quite fresh and nice gravy

Stevia Rose Tea (RM6.80)
-some kinda rose tea with light rose smell. If you want to get the taste of the tea, recommend to have a few sips before you dine. As after you dine, the food's taste will easily cover the light rose smell.

For me, this is definitely a good place to dine in with your family if you are looking for some healthy food as i think their dish are not heavy in seasoning.


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