Sunday, 11 May 2014

JIO u eat Pisang Raja Goreng @ Brickfields Pisang Goreng

Once upon a time, i saw my friend check-in at pisang goreng (banana fritters) stall and i wonder how come this stall so terror...even got it's own check-in point in foursquare. Until yesterday, finally my friend JIO me to eat JIO at this stall.

So how shall i put the address for this stall? It's a roadside hawker at Jalan Thambipillay right in front of One Sentral Restaurant.

And here's the price list as above. Some of you might be shock at WTH?!...pisang goreng selling at RM1.20 per piece while the normal market price is RM1 for 3 piece!

Well, they are using pisang raja which seems to be the best type of bananas to make banana fritters. Don't ask me how to differentiate those bananas by its' looks, actually i don't know much about it either >< LOL.

That's the bananassssss after peeling of skin and ready to fry.

Freshly FRIED!

After having this expensive banana fritter, i'll say it's totally worth-trying! Crispy outside, soft and sweet inside :P

I'm sure that i'll be back for more after this XD

Check out their fried kuih bakul. Kinda small, but where else can you find fried kuih bakul when it is not Chinese New Year?

Thanks Pingu for jio-ing me to this jio stall and eat jio XD
and sory for forgotten your big day ><


and for my friends who's reading this...dont say i BOJIO.......


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