Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Steamboat @ Choong Huat Restaurant, Yulek, Cheras

It was new year eve of 2012.....
and my old bunch of buddies was thinking where to dine that can avoid jam places. 

Finally our planner decide to have steamboat at an old place - Restaurant Choong Huat.
A place we used to came during secondary school XD.

Before steamboat buffet came to be famous, this is the best place to steamboat as their steamboat ingredients are fresh. And that night we ordered tom yum soup and herbal soup.

Part of the portion for 7 persons. (RM14.80 per person)

Oppsss...part of the food went missing (to the steamboat pot ady) coz i was too slow XD

and this is the part to make big eater's stomach FULL :D

Besides steamboat, there are other BBQ stuff for you to order such as:-

Satay (RM0.60 per stick)
taste good and not many blackened part

Grill Stingray (RM30.00)..one of my favourite

Chicken wings (RM2.20 per pair)

If you are looking for a place to steamboat in Cheras, this is a place that you can consider to go.

Restaurant Choong Huat
22-23, Block P/E, Tmn Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
03-9131 1975