Sunday, 15 January 2012

Malaysia's Gourmet Heritage Village @ Lot 10 Hutong

Have you heard of Lot 10 Hutong, “十号胡同” by Chua Lam, Hong Kong Celebrity Food Critic??
It gathers 25 of Malaysia's best local Chinese eateries that have survived the 3rd and 4th generations.

My mum get to know bout this place via newspapers and we went on a random weekend of Dec last year.

There's an entrance into Lot 10 Hutong at the corner of LOT 10 near to the side of Fahrenheit88.

Well, as usual, the first thing to order is beverage.
Sukiyang Coffee @ Hutong Coffee Shop by Sukiyang (Since 1940)
- nice coffee that makes my dad ordered another one! :D

Fried Hokkien Mee & Mee Hoon @ Kim Lian Kee 金莲记 (since 1927)
- this one taste above average but i might thumbs up a little for the guy who's kinda looks like dancing while frying XD

Campbell Popiah @ Campbell Mini Popiah 金马律薄饼 (since 1970)
RM2.50 per roll
-taste normal

Fried Thai Bee Hoon @ Thai Corner and Mini Wok
-taste normal also == (ok, its not under heritage gourmet)

Char siew with rice @ Ducking 皇帝鸭
-The char siew is totally AWESOMEEEEE!!!!

Roasted Duck Drumstick noodle @ Ducking 皇帝鸭
-NICE TOO!!!!but the price...........

Penang Curry Laksa @ Chua Brother Homemade Fish Ball Noodle
-nothing special -.-

Homemade fish ball noodle soup @ Chua Brother Homemade Fish Ball Noodle
-FAILED!!homemade fishball?? i think i buy machine made better == coz those fishballs aren't fresh!
fishball elasticity = 0
*i'm not sure if it was just that day their fishballs went wrong or it's like that as usual ><

There are still many stalls that i did not manage to try out in a go. Other heritage food available here is such as Ho Weng Kee Wanton mee, imbi road original pork noodle, soong kee beef noodle, hon kee famous porridge and etc.

Overall, Lot 10 Hutong is a good place for tourist since it gathered all kinds of heritage malaysian chinese cuisine in a spot that provides the convenience without the needs of hunting all corners for food.

However, for locals like me, i still prefer to have it at their original old restaurants/shops/stalls as thats the only way to feel the originality......and for sure the price is MORE WORTH!

Lot 10 Hutong, 
LG Floor,
LOT 10 Shopping Centre,
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur




  1. you can actually drop by Petaling Street for some authentic nice food! ;)

    1. hey..thx for droping by :)
      ya...petaling street...last time used to hang out there coz tuition in tat seldom/dont even go there liao..><

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