Friday, 1 August 2014

Ernest Zacharevic's Murals @ Ipoh Old Town

In end of June 2014, Ipoh Old Town White Coffee unveils murals of artist Ernest Zacharevic in Ipoh Old Town. "Art of Old Town", a special project by Old Town White Coffee for the people in Ipoh. These murals relates the culture and lifestyle of locals based on what he experienced in Ipoh.

All the 7 murals are surrounded in the old town within walking distance (might be a bit far if you are a

There's customised map available in Old Town White Coffee branch facing Padang Ipoh. And the above map is what i got from the tourist center opposite. I think shld be the same map.

So to ease up your life if you plan to hunt down the murals, park your car near Padang Ipoh, get a copy of map and starts hiking. 
Parking in Ipoh is using coupon system. So do check the enforcement hours and get the coupons from nearby grocery stores or coffee shop. Some may sell you the whole book of coupon (RM6 if not mistaken) or some may also sell in pieces. 

Old town, Old man, Old coffee
- this one is just right beside the wall of Old Town White Coffee at Padang Ipoh

-some says this is Zacharevic's neighbour when he's in Ipoh

Two boys on a Paper Plane

-just a few lots after the old man mural and it is flying high above the building

The Girl and bird cage

-need help?

5 packs of coffee
- tat's the way malaysian tapao kopi

- and quoted in Zacharevic's facebook "nothing last forever...."

The Hummingbird

- hummingbird symbolized the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Not sure if this is what he meant about people in Ipoh :)

-Ipoh, a place deeloped from a tin mining industries


One pack of coffee
- this is actually the first mural painted in Ipoh by Zach and is not included in the map.

- ask around the locals and they will be very helpful to tell you where to get this special pack of coffee XD

There goes the art hunt.
Really a great gift to Ipoh people by Ipoh Old Town White Coffee and Ernest Zachrevic.
I bet the this will surely boost up tourism in Ipoh.

*Bad news for some locals: dayuummm...the town is packed with crazy tourist XD


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