Saturday, 10 March 2012

le Aunties Trip - Part I - Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng

Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng

N04° 27.573'
E101° 11.309'

It is located in Kampung Sg Itek, Perak

or here's the address & info about this place:-

From a turning in Gopeng, go thru a straight narrow road of Jalan Sungai Itek.....

....and there it is.....

A hill of Gaharu trees.....

get a tour ride around the gaharu tea valley at RM10 per person

its quite a hot spot for local tourist nowdays for this place.....
so dont be surprise with the long queue for the ride....

lets go!

some of the gaharu trees on the hill side...

this is da TALLEST among all in the valley!

hugs for blessings


the journey continuessssss........

spotted a tree full of bird nests

the fruits of gaharu tree

back to the office, we were given a brief about gaharu tree

thats how the cross-section of gaharu....its black-hearted XD

free gaharu tea to try

as usual...there's a place for them to sell the products

there's gaharu tea herb eggs for sell (RM1.50 each)
taste ok for me...

gaharu ice cream (RM2.00 each)
superb....smooth n taste good!

get one home??lol

imma in one of these bus.....with a huge bunch of aunties...and uncle..and some kids...

now you know why its a "AUNTIES TRIP"

Part II coming soon.......


  1. Nice blog..Hope you like and enjoy the visit at Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng

    1. i miss the ice cream there...haha...thx for dropping by!