Saturday, 10 December 2011

Korean BBQ Pork Ribs @ Han Woo Ri, USJ Taipan

Last month, my friend who's a frequent customer to groupon finally used one of his deal that he bought long time ago. Its a food deal of :

[Korean BBQ Pork Ribs with Unlimited Side Dishes + Seafood Pancake & Tea at Han Woo Ri for RM25 instead of RM45]

and here's where Han Woo Ri located at:

Han Woo Ri
1D & 2D, Jalan USJ 10/1J, Taipan Business Centre, 
Subang Jaya, Selangor 47620

(its just above Old Town Coffee in Taipan Business Centre)

Each of the deal includes:

Dwaeji gal bi marinated pork ribs (up to 250 gm) with
12 refillable side dishes (RM29 value)
Pa jeon seafood pancake - 9cm diameter (RM16 value)
Watermelon slices

My friend bought two of the deals, however there were four of us, but the restaurant manager allow us to us the groupon as it was not stated clearly 1 groupon = 1 person. Since 2 x 250gm of pork ribs surely unable to feed 4 person in hunger, thus we ordered another pork belly meat @ RM29.'s where the journey begins......
.....a table FULL of side dishes :D and the fresh pork ribs!!

Not to worry that you have NO experience in BBQ cooking as all will be well done by the waiter :)

Clean grill plates will be replaced throughout the grilling process......

So while watching the "cooking show", we start our feast on all the side dishes around the table.

The yummy Korean pancake of prawns and squid.

Here's the side dishes:-

Tofu which is very smooth.

Kimchi!! i can say this is the best side dishes among all XD

Some ordinary vege which taste ordinary

Anchovies and peanuts...which reminds me of nasi lemak LOL. But this anchovies are not the chunchy type but more like the pickle type. It depends personally whether you'll like it or not as it take some time to chew.

I'm not sure what they call this in Korea but it taste similarly to Kimchi just that its not cabbage.

Lotus root

Fishcake, which is considered the 2nd favourite side dish among all

The additional order of pork belly meat.
All the BBQ meat is well done and taste nice and juicy!

The soup served is nice too!

Well, something to mention as my visit to there is that their service is SUPER fast as they automatically will refill the side dishes when its emptied. After two rounds of refilling, they start serving the watermelon slices. However we still crave for kimchi, so we get the refill. But the waiter give us back a shocked face seeing the watermelon slices on the table and thought we were done with the dinner. We were SHOCKED at that situation, but we still get the refill as its refillable what ><. 

Without knowing what's the issue, one of my friend came out with a conclusion: 
" DONT ever let them serve the fruits if you still want to refill your side dish"

HAHA. so do anyone of you have the same experience? Please do share with me :)

A last good point to add, although the BBQ is done right in front of you, but you got no worries on the BBQ smell would stain on your clothes as they got good ventilation system to vacuum the smell.


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